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Our Platform

This is where you will find freedom and a voice to share your opinion

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We are a platform that simply connect people

We bring people together to share news and comments on the things taking place in their lives and around the world.  

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We Just Make the Social Interaction Happen

Give everyone the freedom to share in a safe place so that we might grow in understanding and discover the truths we are seeking. Listening to all sides and having an open mind and giving others to stand on their beliefs and engaging and learning from others is the way to better living and greater frinedships

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We Just Make Social Interaction Happen

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Blog, comment, and share your opinion


Connect with friends 24/7 and never lose touch


shop and find just what you need when you need it


showcase your items among friends and your community

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post, search, and fill the vacancies


share your thoughts and showcase your message

Our Team

Meet the people support you and your community and the ones giving you a safe place to share your opinions

Kevin Simpson

CEO and Founder

Sarah Cruize

Project Manager

Russell Rose


Rose Morgan

UI Designer

Austin Hicks

App Developer

Julia Garrett

Web Designer